Before buying

For Form Block Pro we do not offer a separate trial version that can be installed and tried before buying. If you still want to test the plugin to try out the features or the compatibility with other plugins and themes, you can simply fall back on our free plugin Form BlockForm Block does not have all the features of Form Block Pro, but should give you a good first impression.

System requirements

WordPress: Version 6.3 or higher
PHP: Version 7.4 or higher
Form Block: Version 1.3.0 or higher


After buying Form Block Pro you will receive a download link to the plugin file and a license key. Please make sure you have our free plugin Form Block installed, since this is required for Form Block Pro to work.

Installation through the backend

You can uploaded the downloaded .zip file directly in your WordPress backend. You will need a user account with administrator permissions (or super administrator permissions in multisite installations). As soon as you’re logged in, you can find the entry Plugins > Install in the menu. You can upload the .zip file on this page by clicking on the button “Upload plugin” alongside the headline.

Installation through FTP

To install the downloaded .zip file through (S)FTP, you first need to extract it and upload the files and folders with an FTP program of your choice onto your website.
After the upload, they should be found in wp-content/plugins/form-block-pro.

Automatic updates

In order to use automatic updates, there are some requirements you should know:
First of all, you need to add your license data in the settings under Settings > Writing > Form Block > License. Also, make sure your WordPress instance doesn’t block requests to our update server at and our license checks at

If you’re running a multisite, due to limitations in the WordPress updater functionality, make sure that Form Block Pro is either enabled on the primary site or network-wide in order to get update notifications.

Data transfer for updates/license activation

While searching updates for Form Block Pro or while activating the license, requests to our severs will be sent. These contain the following data:

  • The website URL
  • The IP address of the server your WordPress is running on
  • The WordPress version
  • The PHP version
  • The license data
  • The language of your WordPress website

At no time individually entered data of your WordPress or other input will be sent to our server.


Version 1.1.3

May 9, 2024

  • Fixed: Potential PHP error while saving the settings
  • Removed: Duplicated controls in the sidebar for some fields

Version 1.1.2

February 4, 2024

  • Fixed: Potential fatal error after update
  • Fixed: PHP warning caused by missing dependency data on old forms

Version 1.1.1

Januar 29, 2024

  • Fixed: Required fields were no more checked in the frontend upon submit
  • Fixed: Missing German translations

Version 1.1.0

Januar 29, 2024

  • Added: Support for field dependencies
  • Added: Support for setting an aria description for each field
  • Fixed: Missing controls in input fields from the Pro version
  • Notice: This version requires at least WordPress 6.3

Version 1.0.1

October 16, 2023

  • We fixed an issue regarding the automatic update mechanism.

Version 1.0.0

July 2, 2023

  • First release