Form Block Pro loves the block editor ❤️

Form Block Pro can be used directly within the block editor without ever leaving it. So we don’t interrupt you in writing and keeping your the same experience for creating forms as you know from regular blocks.

As long as your content supports the block editor, it also supports form from Form Block Pro.

Drag and drop file upload zone

You need users to upload files in your form? Form Block Pro implemented a neat drag and drop functionality (optional), which also allows the user to easily manage the files before upload.

Custom and multiple recipients

A specific form should be sent to another email address? No problem with Form Block Pro. You can define different and multiple recipients per form so that you stay as flexible as possible.

Custom destinations and redirects

Send the form data wherever you like. As long as the destination supports regular form field data, Form Block Pro got you covered. You can define a custom destination per form to keep the default email notification by default and use a custom destination for a specific form or vice versa.

You can also specify a custom page to redirect users after successfully submit a form.

More Functions

Auto-integrated honeypot

Form Block Pro has an integrated honeypot protection against spammers by default to reduce the amount of unwanted form submissions.

Global consent checkbox

Especially useful when using multiple forms on the website, we added a global option to define a consent checkbox that can be included to your forms so that you can define a global consent text for all of your forms – and even update it globally for all forms at once.

Server-side checks

Don’t rely on client-side checks for valid form fields, which can be bypassed easily. We integrated server-side checks against all given input attributes to make sure you only get data you want.

Knowledge base

Not sure which input type you need or what a specific attribute does or what value it can take? Form Block Pro comes with a handy little knowledge base to help you right inside the block editor.

More to come

We’re working hard to extend the functionality of Form Block Pro further and make it even better. You can check our roadmap for upcoming features.