Roadmap for coming features

Features may be replaced or abandoned before implementation
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Statistics about form submissions

Wouldn’t it be cool to have statistics about form submissions in various ways? E.g. successful, unsuccessful submissions or submissions being blocked inside the honeypot? We think, this would be cool.

Submission management in the backend

Instead of being forced to use an email address where the data will be send to, we think about a way to have the data stored in your WordPress directly, where you can also manage and even answer them.

Multi-step form

Don’t overload the form with many input fields. Guide the user through different steps, each dedicated to a specific topic. This increases the chance that users even fill out longer forms.

Or you can use them to act like a survey or similar.

Antispam Bee integration

Antispam Bee is a free and privacy friendly solution when it comes to fight spam for post comments. In a newer version they want to allow its integration in other areas of WordPress. And we will be one of them implementing it into Form Block Pro.

Flood control

Abusing forms is a common problem. Another protection we want to implement is a flood control so that users cannot send multiple forms within a certain period of time.

Auto reply-to

Allow defining a field, whose value will be used as Reply-To field for emails, which make it easier to answer form submissions.

Define sending format

If you want to send form data directly to an API, that, for example, only allows JSON, we want to cover you and make it as easy as defining the format to also allow such APIs work with Form Block Pro.

Queue via cron job

Email sending is quite resource intensive. Thus we want to add a functionality so that form submissions are queued and processed via WordPress cron job to allow a faster experience for the user.

Custom email subject

Pretty straight forward: allowing customizing the email subject when sending a form submission to you.

Time-based honeypot

The idea behind the time-based honeypot is that humans cannot successfully fill out a form within 5 seconds. Automated requests, on the other hand, don’t wait that long and submit the data immediately. This allows us to check whether the form was submitted automatically or not.

StopForumSpam integration

While mainly focused on stopping spam in forums, StopForumSpam can also be used to stop spamming forms. Implementation is planned as data-protective as possible.

Improved input fields

Some input fields are not optimal, for example the multi select field. We want to improve that by giving you more possibilities to input fields that are non-standard but better.

Custom date picker

Every browser comes with its own date and time picker. Some are okay, some are worse. We want to unify that in the best way possible with a custom date picker.

Feature request

You have another idea, which is suitable to be implemented in Form Block Pro? Then don’t hesitate and contact us.

Implemented features in version 1.1.0

Everything in Form Block plus …

Enhanced server-side detection

While Form Block has a basic server-side detection for valid input values, we want to take that even further in Form Block Pro. That means that we also detect for given patterns, min/max values as well as all other checkable input attributes.

Custom destination

Send the form submission wherever you like. You can define custom actions to allow sending any form to another destination than the default one.

Custom and multiple recipients

Instead of sending a form submission just to the site administrator, define custom recipients per form individually. Multiple recipients will be supported explicitly.

Drag and drop file upload

If you handle forms with multiple files, we will get you covered. You will be able to enable a drag and drop file upload zone where users can easily add and remove items before uploading them.

Define maximum upload size per form and file

While already having an option to define the general maximum upload size of files, Form Block Pro allows to define a maximum per form and per file.

Custom success messages/redirect

You’re not satisfied with the default success message of your form? You will be able to create a custom one or also allow a redirect to a different page after a successful submission.

Conditional fields

Abhängig von definierten Feldwerten wollen wir eine Funktionalität implementieren, die Felder sichtbar/unsichtbar macht.